Thursday, January 06, 2022

Robert Malone goes full anti-science on Joe Rogan's podcast

How to contact me directly: or or Twitter @Debunk_The_Funk Donate to Save The Children: Those who helped gather information and added perspective to this video: Dr. Marc Veldhoen: Dr. Allison Campbell: Dr. Kevin Folta: Sense_Strand: Dr. Susan Oliver: Dr. Yan Yu: Dr. Greg Tucker-Kellog: Dr. Thomas Mohr: And others… Also, please check out and for more science communication. Sources and data cited in this video: mRNA vaccine history: Malone is not mentioned many lists of major contributors to the development of the Merck Ebola vaccine: Universal vaccination leads to less transmission and, most importantly, milder disease: https://www.clinicalmicrobiologyandin... It is not yet possible to know who is invulnerable to COVID without them getting infected: Animal trials were not skipped: Extensive monitoring of COVID vaccine safety has taken place. And yes, they are safe: The risks of COVID vaccines have been openly discussed, researched, and acted upon when necessary: Efforts to repurpose drugs has been going on the entire pandemic, viruses are just very tricky to treat: Hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work against COVID: Chloroquine was only shown to kill SARS1 in-vitro, which does not translate to effectiveness: Uttar Pradesh lowered COVID counts using lockdowns, testing, and a large vaccination campaign: Malone’s claims about secrecy of the medication packets handed out in Uttar Pradesh are false: Japan never recommended ivermectin for treatment of COVID: Previous infection does not make COVID vaccination riskier, it just makes your immunity better: There are plenty of good reasons to not rely on natural immunity:

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