Thursday, January 06, 2022

Omicron coronavirus thread of the year, from John Burn-Murdoch at Financial Times UK

 John B-M is always worth reading, on Twitter or in the FT itself. But his work  at the FT on the COVID-19 UK situation can teach us all a lot. Similar scenarios may be playing out in Australian cities.

Yes, thankfully ICU overload may be softer in the UK than previous, crisis, coronavirus situations. But that is not the full story:

The sheer numbers of coronavirus infected patients are creating huge medical system challenges in the UK at the moment, quite apart from ICU overload issues.

Note to self-- keep tracking what's happening to hospital system overload and total ward numbers in Australia.

And thank you nurses, doctors and other hospital workers for your valiant efforts so-far.

And thank you John B-M.

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